Choosing Between Platinum And White Gold Rings

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Platinum and white gold are comparable for their similar look. However, despite the similarity in their appearance, these two metals vary greatly in terms of their properties. Therefore, you have to be aware of their characteristics before choosing a metal for your ring.

If you are planning to buy diamonds for your ring, then white metals like platinum and white gold can be a great option, as they can complement the brilliance of these stones. But if you are finding it difficult to choose between these identical metals, then we break down their difference so that it will be easy for you to make your decision.


Both platinum and white gold have the same appearance. These metals have a silvery-white appearance that can stunningly complement the white luster of diamonds.

While platinum is a naturally white metal, white gold is not. The color of gold is naturally yellow and it is converted to white gold by adding some alloys. Alloys like palladium and nickel lend the white luster to white gold. Also, white gold has a rhodium plating that completes its look.

But platinum has no alloys, hence, its shine is natural. This allows platinum rings to maintain their luster over years. However, the rhodium plating of white gold can wear off after a few years. Therefore, re-plating your white gold ring every few years can be necessary.


Platinum has great durability, but as it is used in its pure form in jewelry, it can be more malleable than white gold that comes with several alloys. The alloys in white gold make it more durable and strong. 14K white gold can be highly durable and scratch-resistant to a great extent.

So if you are looking for a dainty ring that comes with a thin band, then it is better to choose white gold. Platinum can be more suitable for men’s rings that come with wide bands, as the possibility for it to bend can be low if the band is wide.


Platinum is costly than white gold, as it is pure. The cost of white gold can vary based on its purity. For example, 18K white gold can be more costly than 14K white gold, as the latter has more amounts of alloys.

However, white gold can be more affordable than platinum. So if you are looking for affordable rings, then it is better to buy loose diamonds and white gold to save money.

Hence, when choosing between white gold and platinum, make sure to consider factors like look, durability, and cost to select the best option.

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