How An Engagement Ring Should Fit You?

Types Of Engagement Rings
Types Of Engagement Rings
Types Of Engagement Rings
Types Of Engagement Rings

Engagement rings are a symbol of love and commitment, hence, they are supposed to be worn for a lifetime. However, it can be difficult for you to wear it every day if it doesn’t fit you properly. A lot of factors can go wrong when choosing the size of an engagement ring. Sometimes, your partner might get the wrong size, whereas, in some other cases, the size of your finger may change.

Some people end up having engagement ringsthat are too tight or too loose. Both cases can be uncomfortable, as a tight ring may even cut your blood circulation, and a loose ring can increase your risk of losing it. Therefore, your ring should be ideally fit to prevent such problems.

You should find out whether your ring is too tight or too loose. Even if your ring was fitting you properly in the initial stages, it can become loose or tight if the size of your fingers changes. There are different factors that can result in the changing of your finger size including pregnancy, losing or gaining weight, etc.

Signs That Your Engagement Ring Is Too Small

One of the obvious signs that point out a small ring is experiencing difficulty when getting it on. You can also feel a tingling sensation on your fingers when wearing a tight ring.

Also, if wearing your ring cause the skin underneath it to pop out, then it can be another sign that shows your ring is too tight.

Signs That Your Engagement Ring Is Too Large

If the ring easily slides up or down your finger, then it can be a clear sign that it is loose. Wearing a loose engagement ring is very risky, as you can easily lose this precious piece of jewelry. Also, if your ring comes off without any effort when washing your hands with cold water, it also indicates a loose ring.

What To Do If Your Ring Does Not Fit You?

If the ring is too small, then it should be sized up to wear it comfortably. Your jeweler can increase the size of your ring, but they might have to add in some additional metal to increase its size.

If the ring is large, then it should be sized down. Sizing down is easier than sizing up. Also, you can temporarily reduce the size of your ring by adding ring guards or sizing beads. This can help to reduce the size of your ring without resizing it.

If your diamond rings do not fit you properly, take them to your jeweler to find out which is the best way to resize them.


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