The Best Known Bets On Keeping Your Diamond Shining

Man-Made Diamonds
Man-Made Diamonds
Lab-Grown Diamonds
Lab-Grown Diamonds

It is no doubt that diamond is the hardest substance on the planet. Be it natural or lab-grown diamonds, they can cut through any metal. However, you can still make your diamond dull and lose its sparkle, if not taken care of it properly. Frequent use of diamond jewelry will eventually lead to a significant loss in the sparkle of the diamond.

Keep on reading this article to know about the best ways in which you can keep the shine of your diamonds.

Regular Cleaning

You must clean your diamond at least once a week. You can just soak your natural or lab-grown diamond in a degreasing solution. To make a degreasing solution, you can just add a few drops of washing liquid to hot water. Rub the diamond using a toothbrush and make certain that all the dirt from the diamond has been rubbed off.

Remember to use a soft, clean brush. The reason why you need to use a brush is that it reaches every corner of the diamond ring. Take the diamond from the solution and wash it with water to remove the soap and dirt. Then using a soft, dry towel, drain the water away.

Do Not Use Harsh Chemicals

When you clean your diamond ring or a diamond necklace, try not to use toothpaste or household cleansers. The main reason is that they contain chlorine, which will damage the metals used to make the ring. Do not use any abrasives because they will scratch gold, silver, and other metals.

Carefully Handle Your Diamond

Since diamonds can attract grease anytime from anywhere, keeping them clean is difficult. The oils from your fingertips stick to the surface of the diamond when you touch them, reducing its brightness and fire. Therefore, make sure that your fingers are oil-free when you are touching your diamond rings.

Apply A Light Touch

Diamond Ring
Diamond Ring

Be cautious with the brush when cleaning delicate settings, such as older prongs in vintage jewelry or a tension setting, where the stone is held in position by the tension from the shank. Then simply rinse and dry your diamond ring with a gentle, lint-free cloth. Make sure that the drain is closed when you clean the diamond ring.

Final Thoughts

Most people buy a diamond ring hoping that it will stay with them forever. Diamonds can last forever. However, whether you want your diamond to be shiny or dull, it is up to you.

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