Tips For Choosing The Lab-Grown Diamond With The Most Sparkle

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Engagement Rings

Natural and lab-grown diamonds continue to be the most popular option for engagement rings for a number of reasons. One of the most important is their magnificent sparkle and luster. While all stones gleam and reflect light in their own way, diamonds have a sparkle that is unlike any other. When it comes to selecting a diamond, the way it appears in the light may be the most important element.

Here are some tips that will help you to buy a lab-grown diamond that sparkles the most.

Inspect The Diamond Using 4 Different Types Of Lighting

To accurately assess your diamond’s radiance, you must see how it reacts to various light sources. First, employ spotlighting, which consists of a large number of discrete light sources that you can find in a jewelry store. Make sure there aren’t too many spotlights. A glare from too strong illumination can make all diamonds look the same.

Then look at the stone under diffused lighting, like fluorescent lights reflecting off a white ceiling. The diamond should then be examined under a mixed lighting environment, such as a mix of spot and diffused illumination. Finally, and most crucially, examine the stone in natural light to see how this will look in public.

Do Not Forget To Check The Clarity

Depending on the sort of flaws and where they are placed within the diamond, clarity can have an impact on its shine. If the diamond’s inclusions are foggy, they might make it appear hazy or milky. Its glimmer would be subdued as a result.

Check The Cutting Style

The cut of the diamond is the most important factor in its radiance. If you value light-reflective features, selecting a diamond with a good cut grade is crucial. if the diamond has more facets, its reflecting surfaces scatter more light. If cut properly, all diamond shapes can be dazzling, but some are noted for their exceptional ability to dazzle and shine.

Don’t Go For Bigger Stones

Lab-Grown Diamonds
Lab-Grown Diamonds

You might be making a huge mistake if you choose a bigger diamond because you feel it would provide more brilliance. Size is less important than clarity and cut. Prioritizing the diamond cut will help you select a diamond with plenty of sparkle and radiance.

Choose The Right Setting

Some ring settings obscure more of the central diamond than others, reducing its radiance. A prong setting, as opposed to a bezel setting, which covers a wider surface area of the stone, allows more light to enter the diamond.

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