Why Fire Is Important For Diamonds?

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Lab Grown Diamonds

There are many important factors that affect the appeal of diamonds, and fire and brilliance are two critical attributes among them. People often use the terms fire and brilliance interchangeably. However, these terms denote entirely different things. While brilliance is the brightness and scintillation of the stone, the fire of a diamond is the dispersion of the light by the stone into the colors of the rainbow. Therefore, brilliance can be thought of as the white sparkle, while, fire is the colorful sparkle.

The fire of a diamond has a great role in determining its beauty. Both natural and lab grown diamonds exhibit fire. Hence, when getting diamonds, make sure that they have a great fire so that your stones can look beautiful.

There are some significant factors that can affect the fire of diamonds. Some of them are listed below so that you will be able to choose the best diamond that showcases good fire.


It is one of the most important quality attributes of a diamond. The cut has a great impact on a diamond’s ability to reflect light. Well-cut diamonds have superior brilliance and fire. But if the diamond’s cut is too shallow or too deep, it can reduce the stone’s ability to reflect and refract light.

So if you want a diamond with great fire, then it is important to go for stones with high cut quality. However, be aware that the price of a diamond can increase with the increase in its cut quality.


Clarity is the measure of inclusions and blemishes present in a diamond. If there are too much inclusions in a diamond, it can affect the stone’s ability to refract light thereby reducing brilliance and sparkle.

Diamonds with visible inclusions will have low fire as well as brilliance. Therefore, too much inclusions can make a diamond look dull. But you don’t have to spend a huge amount to get a high-clarity diamond, instead, look for eye-clean diamonds that do not have any visible inclusions or blemishes.


Diamond Rings
Diamond Rings

Colorless diamonds have a better ability to refract light. Hence, they have more fire. So getting diamonds with higher color grades can help you to enhance the fire of your stone.

If you are looking for diamond rings with great fire and brilliance, keep these factors in mind. Compare different diamonds together so that you can find out which one has greater fire.

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